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The Hapoel Usishkin Tel Aviv association was founded in 2007 by the fans of the Hapoel Tel Aviv team, and is part of the owners of the Hapoel Tel Aviv basketball club. The members of the association take an active part in the decision-making procedures and elect the management of the association in democratic elections once every two years.

Since its establishment, the association has become a household name in Israeli sports as an example of fans taking responsibility for their team, and a possible change in the management culture of sports in Israel.

From the day it was founded, the association rebuilt the senior team, which returned under its management to play in the top league in Israel, its natural place.
Also, the association re-established the youth department of the club, which today includes over 20 league teams alongside an academy for outstanding players and hundreds of children training as part of the basketball schools that the department operates throughout the city.
Along with the current basketball activities, the association has been involved in activities for the community since its foundation. Its flagship project is the Bialik Rogozin basketball school - refugee children fully subsidized by the association.
The members of the association take an active part in the decision-making procedures of the association as part of the general meetings held at least twice a year. At these meetings, a full and detailed overview of the club's professional, financial and value conduct is given and essential issues are discussed by the members in detail.
Any fan over the age of 17 may join the association for an annual membership fee of NIS 400
Membership in the association provides:
• Participation in making major decisions within the general meetings of the association
• Voting in the elections to appoint members of the association's management
• Applying for the association's management
• Priority in eligibility to purchase tickets for the team's games